Buhari "Lifeless" Comment: Senator Shehu Sani Reacts

In a reaction to the sensational report which went viral on the social media, Nigerian senator, Shehu Sani, condemned derogatory comments from U.S President, saying that the comment, “just like other times Mr Trump had spoken ill of Africa, is an attack on Nigeria and the continent.”

Senator Sani challenged African leaders to defend their integrity. How?

He charged them to seek ‘political and economic prosperity within the continent rather than going out.

“First our continent Africa was called a “shithole”, then a Black woman Omarosa was called “a dog” and now our president was called “Lifeless”. President Trump contempt for Africa and the black race has become a component of his character and conduct and it stands condemned.

“Trump words, if actually uttered against President Buhari, is an attack on the honour of our country and our race.

“African leaders must come out of their cowardly shell and defend the integrity and moral uprightness of their people whenever it’s under attack by ultra right leaders.

“Its ironic that the same President Trump that publicity applauded our president can go behind him and uttter such a derogatory and demeaning remarks. It’s time African leaders look within the continent for their political and economic prosperity than going to those who will humiliate them," he said.

Shehu Sani condemned the statement accusing the ‘author’ of indecency. 

“The 'lifeless' statement against our president stands condemned. President Trump has crossed the line of decency. Trump’s statement against our President stands against the spirit and principles of American values and democracy,” he said.

Trump, according to FT, said he never wanted to meet someone as Lifeless as Buhari again.