Boy Labeled A Wizard, Abandoned By Family, Rescued By Pastor In Delta (Photos)

If it's clearly revealed that your mother, father or child has Witchcraft, abandoning them is not the right thing to do. Look for a Pastor with higher Anointing to take the person to for Deliverance, especially if it's a child.

The only time you can leave is if the Witch/Wizard is a grown adult who is denying the Spiritual Truth and at the same time refusing to go for Deliverance.

A homeless boy identified as Godday Aligba, was on Wednesday taken by a good Samaritan to a church in Sapele, Delta state, after being abandoned by his parents who labelled him a wizard.

He was reportedly molested and beaten by his own family and abandoned him in an uncompleted building.

The frail looking boy was prayed for and blessed by the man of God who later gave him N20,000 made available by the congregation members which will be used to get him new set of clothes.

The compassionate pastor also vowed to take up his academic responsibility.