Bribe-seeking Policeman Allegedly Kill Driver...And This Happened

An official of the Nigerian Police has allegedly shot dead a driver identified as Mohammed Dajji over N50 bribe in Taraba State.

The incident happened at a check point in Maisamari village, near Nguroje in Taraba at about 11am on Friday.

It was gathered that Dajji, who drove an old Peugeot 504 for public transport, reportedly indicated willingness to pay but said he had only “N40 change."

Angered by his statement, according to Premium Times, the police officer descended on him with a stick, beating him until he fainted, and the victim was subsequently rushed by passengers and observers to a hospital in Nguroje where he died.

Upon hearing the news, residents of Nguroje, the community where the victim hails from, gathered and rushed to the police station in the community, where the policeman was. They invaded the police station, apprehended the suspected killer and lynched him.

There is currently tension among residents of the community amidst fears the police may carry out a retaliatory attack on residents.

When contacted, the Taraba police spokesperson said he just received a call from the area and does not have details of the incident yet.