Building A Good Life Of Purpose

Many go through life, living and working to meet the status quo while ignoring their purpose and meaning. Please, know that you were perfectly created by God with a distinct purpose. God matched you with your talents and opportunities to accomplish His purposes. Whatever the call God has placed on your life, if you live right, He will provide all required for you to succeed.

We live in a fast-paced world where having more stuff, being more successful than others, and doing more than the person in the next office, has become a way of existence and the level of career success we’ve achieved becomes the essence of our identity. The demands of life keep building while our strength starts waning. You exist to get through today often with little time to plan for tomorrow.

Life doesn’t have to be this way. Understand and follow the call God has placed on your life, for He is the source of your provision, identity and purpose. He brings purpose to chaos; identity to status quo; and provision to unmet needs. He created you with everything you need to succeed at His call on your life. When you choose to surrender your plans to his purposes by saying YES to living right, you will start a life truly worth living.