Faces Of Nigerian Ladies Nabbed Doing "Runs" In Ghana... they're being deported

Many young people today don't want to work, they also do not care about God who give them the life they're living and if their reckless lifestyle will take their Soul to Hell. It's all about the money; young guys Yahoo fraud, young ladies having s*x with all kinds of men for money.

This mess is so bad that even Ghana is now deporting Nigerian guys and ladies over Yahoo Yahoo and Pros-titution. What a largely misguided generation driven by frivolities!

Another set of Nigerians leading have been caught...

The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) is set to deport 72 Nigerian women over their involvement in various illegal acts in the country. The deportees were arrested on Thursday down following a swoop by Enforcement Unit of the GIS at the Redco Flats neighbourhood at Madina.

They were 72 Nigerians, one Togolese as well as nine other Ghanaians. Some of the deportees were nabbed for pros-tituting while some also did not have the requisite resident permits.

Speaking at a press briefing, the 2IC at the Public Affairs of the GIS, Deputy Superintendent of Immigration (DSI), Linda Asare Mantey, said the foreign nationals will be deported whiles the Ghanaians have been handed to the Police to be prosecuted.

She said 20 of the suspects were arrested at the Junior Hotel at Madina, which is known to be an area where pros-titution is very rampant.

It is illegal to come to our country and engage in pros-titution."