Footballer Impregnates 3 Ladies & All Give Birth Within 6 Weeks

When you are reckless but think you're 'enjoying'. Stoke City striker, Saido Berahino, who has only managed to score two goals in 913 days, appears to have better skills in the bedroom as three woman have reportedly given birth to his babies over a six-week period, according to Dailymail UK.

Berahino's former fiancée, Stephania Christoforou, welcomed a baby boy, named Costa, on May 30, and his ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Lovelace gave birth to a girl, Aniya Marie, on July 17.

Another lady has claimed he's also the father of her baby.

The third baby was born on July 15.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is seeking a court order to have Berahino's name on her child's birth certificate.

Berahino, who is Stoke's highest earning player on a reported £70,000 per week - and Stephania, a Birmingham-based restaurateur, announced their engagement in June last year.

'Mrs Berahino to be..... Happiest person on the planet right now,' she had posted on Facebook at the time.

But she later left the footballer after he tried to sneak model Chelsea into their home.

Earlier this year, a 39-year-old mum-of-three revealed that Berahino bedded her then booted her out of his home because she had mocked his scoring skills.

She had travelled 100 miles from Oxford to Berahino's house in Cannock, Staffordshire, where she says they had s*x.

When she visited again in April, he became annoyed when she joked about his lack of goals.

'I told him my daughter plays FIFA computer games, and said, 'You've scored more on that than in real life,' she said.

Soon, child support drama will start with ladies who're not your wives.