Help For Those Who Are Struggling Despite All Efforts

When the issues of life catch up with you, it's very possible that the prayers of your Pastor won't help you. It's not that your Pastor is not Real, it could be he doesn't have what it takes to CLEARLY identify and defeat certain spiritual issues. The number of years he has been a pastor is not important; if he doesn't have it yet, then he doesn't.

I also found myself in a similar situation few years back; in fact I got into a mess because my then Pastor lacks what it takes to deliver me from the coming storm. He was just giving me Hope. That a Church is big doesn't mean the Pastor is big in the things of the spirit, unless you can see EVIDENCES. He's a smooth Motivational Preacher, good, but spiritual issues are bigger challenge.

If you mistakenly get yourself involved with Evil men or Evil women and they tampered with your Destiny, Marriage, Business, Finances, etc., HOPE can't help you, general prayer can't help you. Joining people to talk carelessly about Pastors on social media can't change the fact that you are suffering in secret.

You must be wise to seek help from true God's servants who are more spiritually ALERT, who have what it takes to intervene for you.