Israeli Man Describes Nigeria As A "Terrible Country"

An Israeli man has named Nigeria a terrible country after spending a few years in the country, and observing things for himself.

Read how he chronicled Nigeria's experience below;

"I'm an Israeli that lived in Nigeria for 5 years working on an agricultural project in Plateau State.

Nigeria is no better or no worse than any other country in the world. Every country has it's advantages and dis-advantages.

The leadership is the biggest Nigerian problem with rife corruption and lack of basic humanity.

The Nigerian people are suffering from a lack of leadership and too much religious dogma.

One of the main problems with Nigerians is that they are too tolerant of their politicians. No strikes or protest marches for justice. They have come to terms with the fact that they have to bribe a government official, customs officer, police officer, immigration officer just to progress in life."