Married Woman R*pes Boy While Her Husband Was Sleeping

A mother-of-five repeatedly had s*x with a 14-year-old boy as her husband and children slept in the same room, police say.

Justice Maryie McKay, 22, allegedly kissed the teen, removed his clothes and enticed him to have s*x. She was at the boy's home with her family in July to celebrate her birthday and that was when she lured the boy into a bedroom.

According to police in Lake Butler, Florida, the woman then had s*x with the boy in front of her sleeping husband and young kids, all of whom are younger than five.

The next day, the young lady reportedly sent a message to the boy, saying she couldn’t forget him or what they had done. She told him she "wanted to be with him". Then, weeks later, police claim McKay picked up the boy from a bus stop, planning to take him to school. Instead, she took him to her home and had s*x with him again. Days later, it is believed McKay picked the boy up from a petrol station and had s*x with him again.

During both of these encounters, all of the mum's kids and their teenage cousins were reportedly at home. McKay was said to have left "hickies" and scratch marks on the young boy's body.

The local paper said on August 22, the boy’s mother confronted McKay, showing her the photographs of the boy’s marks. When McKay learned that law enforcement had been contacted, she went missing with her five children.

The shameless married woman was arrested on Wednesday and is charged accordingly. 

She has reportedly filed a written plea of not guilty.