Meet Pastor Olu Famous In Lagos

Direct contact: 08032272037.

Living Seed Church is now open for Prayers and Counseling everyday from Monday to Sunday in Lagos. Those who are only free on Sundays due to the nature of their job can see me on Sundays.

Meet Pastor Olu Famous one-on-one in Ogba, Lagos. If I see your face and pray for you, your life will begin to experience a Positive Turn Around.

The Power of God is doing Wonders here!

It doesn't matter the church you're attending, this is a non-denominational call. Come or contact me let's settle any challenge(s) in your life with The Power of God and ANY POWER affecting you from anywhere will be TERMINATED.

Are you into business, an employee, a professional or you just desire a good marriage and a happy blessed family?

  • If things are not going well, come let's go deep into your life through Prayer and settle the issues.
  • If things are currently going well for you, come let's secure your blessings through Prayer, so the spirit of Rise and Fall won't catch up with you later.

Also, if you have friends or relatives who were doing well before but are now struggling; bring them or direct them to Pastor Olu Famous.

No matter who or what is troubling your Destiny, you will TRULY encounter the Power of God which never fails and your life will start manifesting something better. You will see the Evidence!

Days and Time...
Every Monday to Sunday
Prayer With Evidence
10am to 5pm daily.
Sundays 1pm to 5pm.

No.6 Omo Akin Street,
Behind Mr Biggs at Haruna,
Ogba, Lagos.

NOTE: Those living outside Lagos can also contact me.

Pastor Olu Famous

Contact - 08032272037