Miraculous: 1-Year-Old Baby Found Alive 5 Days After Getting Lost In The Forest (Photos)

A little girl who went missing in the woods behind her home has been found alive after "miraculously" surviving on nothing but rainwater for five days...

The child, identified in Chinese media only as 20-month-old Yueqiao, is reported to have wandered to the mountainside on her own not far from her home in China's Guangxi Zhuang region.

According to the articles - which The Sun Online was unable to verify - she was reported missing on 28th August after her father, Chen Qingran, realised she was gone the previous evening.

The only breadwinner for a family of eight - including four kids and a bedridden wife - Chen had gone out to run errands and thought his youngest daughter was asleep inside.

He said: "I went into town for about 30 minutes and left her at home. I didn't see her when I came back but thought she was asleep in her mum's room."

He later learned that Yueqiao had been brought into the woods by her older siblings, aged six and five, to play, but wandered away from the group.

After being unable to find his daughter, he called the police and a massive search and rescue effort involving drones and dogs began, continuing for 88 hours until Yueqiao was finally located on 31st August.

She was found by a local power station worker, Huang Guanglin, who saw her lying on the ground near a canal which he is tasked with inspecting every day.

The authorities found the tot in a weakened state and covered in insect bites in a bush, but she was incredibly still alive despite having no access to food or fresh water for five days.

Doctor Li Dejian, of the Yulin Orthopedics Hospital, said Yueqiao's case was a "miracle".

Speculating on how the tot might have survived on her own for so long without food or water, the medic said she may have sipped rainwater on the ground while lying prone in the woods.

Local authorities said they had previously searched the area she was eventually found in, suggesting the tot was walking around all the time.