Policemen in Osun for Election Get N50k to N250k to Rig Against Dancing Senator?

When did Nigeria Policemen and Officers started getting 4 Days special duty allowance that is higher than even their monthly salary? Interestingly, that is what has just happened in Osun State where a governorship election will take place on this Saturday.

Is APC bribing police because they're afraid of Dancing Senator?

This platform recalls that Senator Ademola Adeleke defeated the APC who rejected him, leading to his joining the PDP after the death of his brother, Senator Isiaka Adeleke. His victory was a big shock to the APC.

As you read this, the Federal Government has paid each of the Constables deployed for the Osun election a sum of N50,000 as special duty allowance.

A total of 18,426 police personnel have been deployed in Osun for the poll.

The Punch gathered that the police had paid the money into the salary accounts of each officer participating in the exercise.

According to a source, while N50,000 was paid to each of the policemen from the rank of constable to sergeant, those within the rank of Inspector, Assistant Superintendent of Police and Deputy Superintendent of Police were paid N120,000 each. Each of the eight Commissioners of Police deployed for the exercise was reportedly paid N250,000.

At least two constables confirmed to The Punch that they received N50,000 each for the election duty.

An average constable takes home N45,000 per month after tax deductions.

The Commissioner of Police in Osun State, Mr Fimihan Adeoye, when contacted on the phone, also confirmed the payment to The Punch, though he was silent on the amount.

Meanwhile, the Civil Societies Coalition for the Emancipation of Osun State has warned policemen deployed in the state for the poll against conniving with politicians to rig the election.

The Chairman of the group, Mr Sulaiman Adeniyi, said this at a press conference in Osogbo on Tuesday.

He said policemen should be professional in their conduct and shun any overtures made to them by corrupt politicians to assist them in truncating the wishes of the people of the state.

Also, the Executive Chairman, Centre Against Corruption and Open Leadership, Mr Debo Adeniran, and a former Vice President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Mr Monday Ubani, said the allowances to the policemen were justified as it would insulate them against financial inducement by corrupt politicians.

PDP's Adeleke Reacts 
Senator Adeleke said the payment of election duty allowance was suspicious.

Adeleke, who spoke to The Punch through the Head of Media Unit of his campaign organisation, Mr Bamidele Salam, said voters, election observers and other organisations involved in monitoring the election should pay a close attention to activities of security agents during the poll.

He said the one week allowance of N50,000 which was far higher than the take home pay of a constable was a source of worry to the people of the state and the candidate of the PDP.

Salam said, “The Federal Government just made suspicious payment to policemen and officers deployed in Osun for the Saturday election. We are not saying that security agents should not be taken care of, but when an allowance meant for four days exercise is more than the take home pay of an average policeman, this should give any reasonable person concern.

“We hope that this is not meant to compromise them and make them willing tools in the hands of the candidate of the government in power.”