Sacked Lagos Houseboy Mobilizes Soldiers To Beat Up Boss

A Houseboy has reportedly mobilized some soldiers to beat up his boss who sacked him for stealing.

According to the reports from Oral Estate, Lekki, the houseboy who was sacked by his boss for stealing and planning to kill him, mobilized soldiers to beat up the boss.

Some weeks back, Gideon was nabbed and beaten up for stealing some valuable items from his boss. He did it alongside two of his gang members.

While being interrogated after being caught, he confessed that one of his gang members had advised that they should kill the boss, but he (Gideon) refused.

He added that he refused killing his boss because he can’t kill someone over money, even though he had killed many Fulanis during fights in Plateau State.

Eventually, the boss paid him off and sent him packing. However, today, the houseboy mobilized some soldiers from his state, but based in Lagos, to beat up the boss.

The boss and his brother were mercilessly harassed and have now been whisked away to an undisclosed location.

One of the witnesses at the scene said: "The house boy stole from his oga, and they caught him, so they paid him to go and collected the item from him. today, the boy went to bring army men who are from his town to beat, and harassed the oga. they took the oga and his brother away."