WhatsApp Latest Features: Swipe To Reply, Dark Mode & More

There has been lots of changes from the WhatsApp messaging app and here we are again with another round of changes we are expected to see.

Swipe to Reply:

iPhone users already has it and the messaging app is working on bringing it to Android. It will allow you to quickly reply to a message using a swipe right gesture. It essentially means you will no longer need to tap and hold the message to get the Reply button.

Dark Mode:
WhatsApp has finally started working on a Dark Mode for both iOS and Android. However, the report does not mention the exact timeline for the Dark Mode to roll-out to WhatsApp.

The upcoming dark mode feature will help reduce strain on user’s eyes while using WhatsApp at night or in low-light conditions. It will also help conserve battery on phones that have OLED displays.

Expandable Group Participants List: 
When there are more than 10 participants, WhatsApp shows a More button that will present the full group participants list. This is already enabled in the update.