Woman Cries Out After Her Client Took Her Pictures To A Shrine In Edo State (Photos)

A young lady who was recently involved in a business transaction which reportedly failed, has been left in total shock after her client took her photos to a shrine in Edo State.

Read how she narrated the story;

"I have customers in Nigeria and abroad, have never cheated anyone. They pay me and I deliver their good. Few month ago I was rubbed, they took away all my business money, my phone and most of u were aware. The lady Blizz Lilly Williams (pictured above) ordered goods worth 12,500 (twelve thousand five hundred naira), before the incident I explained to her that I was rubbed Nd I promised to send her back her money. So as God would do it I started back my business last week.

"She messaged me for her money, I begged and ask her to have patience that I just started my business back or she should choose wat she needed on my upload so I buy Nd send to her just last week, I went to d market got the goods only for her to send me the video (pics above) threatening to kill me... She saved my pictures on fb went to print it out Nd took it to a native doctor.

"Her dad also called threatening me. I've send her money back to her but I just want us all to be careful because with this I now know people saves peoples pix on social media to do evil... I've sent her money back to her and I guess she has being destroying life with this, I guess am not the first person she has taken her pix to her father shrine.

Please kindly share cox if anything should happen she’s responsible."