Ambode Still Working Under Impeachment Fears

The most performing governor in Nigeria, as attest to by millions, was denied a second term ticket by the APC just because of cheap politics of private pockets, not for the good of the masses. Even the masses who wanted to vote for him at their primary were threatened openly (there are video evidence). That is how dirty politics has become in our country.

The revealing piece below tells more...

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, not only ate the humble pie by conceding defeat to the newly anointed godson, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, but he now carries the burden of working under the shadow of impeachment.

In the events preceding the defeat, Lagos residents and indeed Nigerians witnessed intense political activities that put APC on the dock of public opinion. But while conceding defeat was a welcome development for both Ambode and his detractors, the ensuing peace has been like that of graveyard.

By throwing in the towel, Ambode may have quelled all forms of agitations, speculations and political dramas in Lagos, but the trouble in APC, both in the state and across the country continues. Worse of all, although both supporters and sympathisers of the governor and party members that earlier attacked themselves embraced each other, the governor has continued to walk in the shadows of suspicion and possible threat of impeachment.

Ambode has since also pledged to ensure smooth transition in the remaining period of his administration. But the perceived silence broken on Monday when the speaker of the state assembly, Hon. Mudashiru Obasa, stated that the governor might be impeached if his actions so indicate, adding that the lawmakers could not be intimidated by anybody.

The governor’s actions would determine whether he would be impeached or not,” he said.

The Speaker, who was reacting to what he described as rumour and an insinuation from some quarters, was however quick to add that the public would be notified if such action would take place.

The perceived rumour of impeachment first came to light from the factional chairman of the state chapter of the party, Mr. Fuad Oki, who warned the House of Assembly to drop such plans, warning that it would incur the wrath of Lagosians.

Also, a Lagos-based civil rights movement, Save Lagos Group (SLG), also warned the assembly to desist from such threat, warning the assembly against being used by those it called selfish individuals to impeach the governor.

Obasa corroborated the impeachment claim when he stated that both Oki and SLG’s allegations that the impeachment plot was instigated because the governor refused to open up the state’s treasury to party members was false.

It would also be recalled that a day to the primary election in the state, 36 of the 40 lawmakers in the state’s assembly had signed a note of endorsement for Sanwo-Olu, meaning that Ambode was not a friend of the House.

Ambode’s ‘impeachable’ offense 
The party’s grouse is that after promising to help fund the election of his successor-to-be, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Ambode made a reversal and dismissed such deal at a recent conversation with one of the contractors through whom the funding would have been made possible.

The conversation with the said contractor was leaked to APC leadership and other stakeholders, who then immediately related it to other suspicions they had about the governor and concluded that he was only pretending.

However, at the first executive meeting after the primaries preached forgiveness and unity, promising that he would not be vindictive of those who denied him his second term bid. Nevertheless, the governor is still perceived as a threat to the gubernatorial election in 2019 as many of party faithful believe that he was still unhappy with the dishonor he faced during the primaries.

Most party members are no longer comfortable with Ambode’s demeanor, believing the governor might be unkind to the party during the coming elections. Therefore, their best bet would be to get rid of him as fast as possible in order not loose out in the coming election.

Written by Kehinde Olatunji