Good Man Beaten To Death While Trying To Stop Hoodlum From R*ping A Woman

An innocent man has died a painful and cruel death after he was beaten to death while trying to save a woman from being s*xually assaulted, leaving his family in pain.

This is a sad story that tells how wicked some people are;

The Virginia, United States man, Patricio Salazar, lost his life after he tried to intervene to save a lady.

According to the Arlington County Police, the 54-year-old Salazar died at George Washington University Hospital in Washington, U.S., on Thursday night after he was allegedly attacked by 27-year-old Michael Nash.

Investigators said Nash was walking with a woman he knew when he started to physically and s*xually assault her.

Salazar witnessed the assault and tried to help the victim, only to be beaten by Nash, according to police.

A second witness, 27-year-old Brad Flood, told WUSA-TV he went to the scene after he heard the woman screaming.

“I saw a girl, unclothed, sitting there curled up in a ball. And she was the one screaming. He was like, ‘Don’t call the cops; you call the cops, I will end your world.

“He came enough into the light that I could see a bunch of blood on his fists,” said Mr. Flood, who added that Nash confronted and threatened him.

Soon after, Mr. Flood said he saw Salazar laying on the ground.

“There was a lot of blood; a lot of blood on his face, his head.

“I asked if he was OK, he said he was in a lot of pain. He said his back and his head hurt,”
Mr. Flood added.

Arlington police said Salazar was unconscious when he arrived at the hospital.

I was able to reiterate to him multiple times that he’s a hero. So, at least he heard that multiple times,” he told WUSA

Investigators said Nash took off from the scene of the assault and tried to steal a cell phone from two people, but they resisted, and he ran away.

He eventually stole a cell phone from another woman, police added.

Nash was arrested without incident later that evening and charged with abduction with the intent to defile, forcible sodomy and animate object s*xual penetration.

Additional charges are pending.

A GoFundMe page created by Mr. Flood to raise money for Salazar’s family had raised nearly $5,700 of its $10,000 goal as of Monday night.

Mr. Flood wrote that if Salazar’s family declines the money, he will donate it to the victim or a charity that supports s*xual assault victims.