Single & Desire A Good Marriage? - Married But Want Better?

Olu Famous Rescue-Mission (OFR) serves Singles who desire to meet a good man or woman and marry right, as well as Couples who're craving for a more beautiful marital experience, than what they currently have.

More ladies and single men are registering for our Marriage Connection & Pairing service to meet someone they can marry and spend the rest of their life with in True Love.

If you are single and serious to meet a good man or woman for Marriage, you too can register by sending a message to me stating that you're interested. You will receive details for registration and get connected with a good man or woman;
WhatsApp number: 08032272037

E-BOOK for Singles & Couples; 
This straight to the point e-Book contains the secrets to control your Sexual Drive and save yourself the Future Troubles that comes with sleeping with different men or women - for Singles and Couples. It also has Beautiful Tips For A Sweet Marriage. You can get this book for yourself, your spouse, or the person you're already planning to get married to. Send me an SMS or WhatsApp message to buy a copy;
WhatsApp number: 08032272037

Anyone you meet and get married to through OFR won't engage in Sexual Immorality cheaply, as both of you will receive detailed Tips that help Singles and Couples live decently, enjoy life responsibly and stay faithful in marriage.

Whatever state you are in Nigeria - Lagos, Abuja, PH, etc., we will connect you with a good man or woman for a truly happy marriage.

Our Special Services are: 
1. Sexuality management for Single Men & Ladies. 
2. Beautiful Love catalog for Couples. 
3. Pre-Marital and In-Marriage Counselling. 
4. Preparing Singles for Matrimony. 
5. Guiding single men & women to Marry Right. 
6. Connecting & Pairing decent single men with decent single women for Marriage.

Also, if you've been married for a few or more years and you want to spice up your love life with your wife or husband - no matter if you have challenges or not - we will serve you and your spouse with the Beautiful Love Catalog which is exclusively for Married Couples. 

NOTE: You can invite Olu Famous to speak and teach the secrets of Sex & Sexuality control and management in your Church program, seminar or any other platform. Many "good" men and women are struggling with Immoral Sex and Masturbation in secret but they are too ashamed to talk about it openly. A general teaching in Churches and other gatherings will really help a lot of people.

Feel free to contact me for any of these services;

Pastor Olu Famous
Life Coach, Moral Advocate, Certified Trainer.
Phone: 08032272037