Cook Accused of Killing Bademosi Makes Shocking Revelation: "How Four Men Killed Chief"

A new twist is about to be introduced into this very sad incident. Sunday Anani who is the prime suspect in the murder of Chief Ope Bademosi, was arrested somewhere in Ondo State yesterday, November 2nd.

Sunday has alleged that some persons, believed to be assassins, came to their home on the day of the incident and killed the rich businessman...

In a clip posted online, he said: "I am not the one that killed him. About four people entered the house that morning. They passed through the front door and opened the kitchen door. Immediately I asked who is that. They punched my face and neck and then started to drag me on the floor. They asked me where was chief? I used to call him Oga. So I asked them who be chief? I told them Chief is inside his room. They said where is his wife? I said his wife had gone out. They told me if I don't say the truth, they would kill me. They punched me again and immediately I pointed to Chief's room."

He said the n*ked him and the late Chief and used his clothes to tie his (Bademosi) neck until he agreed to give them money, after they've stabbed him. That they even threatened to wait behind and kill the Chief's wife when she returns.

He said he doesn't know anywhere in Lagos and had to find his way back to Ondo, in a hurry, out of fear.

So what happened next? What is the role of the security man who was "sleeping on duty"? Hopefully, police investinations will reveal the truth.