Germany-based Nigerian Man Banished From Edo State For Attacking Oba Of Benin

An Edo state man has found himself in serious trouble with the traditional institution in his home state, led by the respected Oba of Benin.

The Germany based Nigerian man, Murphy Idahosa, was on November 3rd banished from Edo state.

The development was due to a video he posted on Facebook a while ago, in which he attacked the person of the Oba of Benin.

In the video, Murphy was seen blaming the Oba of Benin for the high rate of trafficking among girls in the Benin kingdom. He returned home recently and was taken to the Oba's palace where he was declared an enemy of the Oba and then banished from the kingdom.

The Oba himself is against the shameful pros-titution trade among many Edo ladies and have even placed a curse on them, especially the so called 'madams' trafficking Edo ladies.