Groom Mistakenly Shot At His Wedding... the party continue

A happy man who was making his way to his wedding venue in grand style got shot by some gunmen recently.

The man, an Indian, got shot by two gunmen as he rode a chariot to his wedding in New Delhi. However, he did something quite surprising; he actually managed to return just hours later after surgery to proceed with the wedding and take his vows.

Police made this revelation on Wednesday. According to Agence France Presse, AFP, the unidentified assailants mingled with wedding guests dancing in a extravagant street procession as the 25-year-old groom made his way to the ceremony.

Police said the pair climbed onto the horse-drawn carriage and opened fire before fleeing amid the panic.

The groom was struck in the shoulder and rushed to hospital, where doctors stemmed the bleeding but could not remove the bullet easily without major surgery.

The groom, bandaged up, returned to his bride-to-be just three hours later and performed his wedding rituals.

"The bullet is stuck between the shoulder bones," Vijay Kumar, a deputy commissioner of police in Delhi, told AFP.

Police are searching for the two suspects, who have not been found.