Marrying At 22 Is One Of The Best Decisions Of My Life - Actor Yul Edochie

Nigerian actor-turned politician, Yul Edochie, has confirmed that he got married at 22-years-old to his wife, and that it remains one of the best decision of his life.

When why he got married that early, Yul said;
"My mum wanted me to because my dad also got married about the same age. He had his first child at 23 and I am very close to my mum and she wanted me to do that.

"She felt like if I did that, it would help me concentrate more because right now I have a lot of female fans and they send me messages about my voice and others and right now, I can look back and say I have to go back home."

Asked if at anytime he felt he was too early to have gotten married, he said: "Then. I felt that wait at that time. I don't that way right now. It is one of the best things I ever did for myself. God bless my mum. I appreciate it."