Passengers Narrowly Escape Accident As FRSC Official Fights Driver (Photos)

Some passengers are lucky to be alive after an FRSC official fought their driver for the control of the steering on the Long bridge, Berger, Lagos, for not parking immediately they asked him to.

Giving an account of their horrible experience yesterday, one of the passengers said: “All they asked the driver was for him to park, which he couldn’t do because the place was a bit high.

He then asked them to allow him to drive forward a little bit, only for one of the officers to start hitting the car, while another one opened the car door from the driver’s side and another from the front passenger’s side.

That’s not the bad part, but the fact that the car was still in motion in the middle of the road. It was just a sad experience to be honest. There was a little traffic, so even if the driver wanted to run, he wouldn’t have succeeded so their action was totally uncalled for.”