Woman Loses Her Life Savings To Native Doctor Due To Greed

A 41-year-old woman, Phumelela Jacob, has lost her entire savings to a fake native doctor, who promised to double her money.

Jacob told the police that the fake native doctor had promised to help double her money last year, instead, he had disappeared with her savings under the guise of going to pray at the beach...

Narrating her story, Jacob from Philippi East, Cape Town in South Africa who now works at a store said, “I wanted to start a business and I saw his number in one of the local newspapers. I called him and we met.

“He told me to resign from work so he could double my money.”

She revealed that the fake native doctor allegedly came to her house, where he mixed egg with some money and locked it in a box, reports iHarare.

When Jacob’s pension was paid. She contacted the man and went to Promenade Mall in Mitchell’s Plain to withdraw the money.

“When we arrived at the bank, he had a dirty white plastic bag where we put all my money.

“We then went back to my house where he dropped me off, saying he had to take the money to the beach to the ancestors,”
she said.

“That man planned everything carefully.”

She never saw him again, until he accidentally walked into the store, she was working recently, after she became broke.

Captain Siyabulela Vukubi from Harare police confirmed that the 38-year-old native doctor had been arrested and would be arraigned in court on Monday.