Buy fresh, hot Noodles Pizza garnished with Chicken & Suya

A special kitchen is now open in the city of Lagos with focus on making and delivering super delicious Noodles Pizza to pamper your appetite, anywhere you are in Lagos.

Every meal pack of this special Noodles Pizza is lavishly garnished with Fresh Roasted Chicken & Suya, deliciously prepared to leave you satisfied with every bite. You will love it!

PRICE: N1,500 only.
We accept orders of 3 meal packs & above.
That is, you can jointly order 3 packs in one office, or you buy 3 packs and share with friends, or to eat with your family at home.

Send SMS or WhatsApp message to; 

If you're having a party, you can also order for Noodles Pizza. 

FREE Delivery anywhere in Lagos.

We are open to receive orders from 10am to 10pm everyday. Specify the time you want it and your address; we will deliver this delicious Noodles Pizza to you, fresh and hot.