'I Thought Breast Cancer Is For Only Rich People Until It Hit Me'

A 56-year-old breast cancer survivor, Mrs. Oluwakemi (surname withheld), has relived how she survived.

Oluwakemi, a mother of four, said she was diagnosed with cancer after the discovery of certain irregularities on the left side of her breast, which led to severe pains on her left hand.

She said: “It came as a shock because I knew nothing about cancer and how it affects women. I used to believe it is not for the poor.”

The woman added: “When I realised that I had breast cancer after a scan detected it, I was told by my doctor that I would have to undergo operation, but because of fear, coupled with ignorance, I ignorantly consulted a fake doctor, who told me that I didn’t need an operation. He assured me that he had an injection that cured cancer, which I believed because I never wanted an operation. I received four injections from him within a month, and each cost N30,000, but there were no changes. In fact, my condition worsened.”

She said she later met another doctor, who told her that the only way out was through an operation.

“I cannot stop thanking God, who opened my eyes and made my family to take me to a doctor for proper treatment. It was after the doctor’s diagnosis that I agreed to undergo the operation, which was successful by God’s grace,” Oluwakemi said.

She said while undergoing chemotherapy, she educated other women on the danger of breast cancer.

“Many fall victim due to ignorance and some die due to continuity of ignorance. I survived because I stopped being ignorant by taking genuine doctor’s advice.”

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