Shock As Lady Used For Ritual By "Yahoo Boy" Vomits Money In Delta (Photos)

Many Nigerians in Warri area of Delta State were left in a state of utter confusion and fear after a young lady reportedly used by a yahoo-boy for ritual vomited money.

The lady, identified as Taiye, was vomiting clean notes of N500...

The bizarre incident, according to Nigerian Tribune, occurred at the wee hours of Sunday at a one-storey building beside JJC Junction along Effurun-Sapele road.

A huge crowd gathered at the scene of the incident when Tribune got there at about 7:40am as they watched in awe the alleged Yahoo boy-charmed lady in strange public display. The boy is nowhere to be found.

What kind of evil spirit is pushing our young men and ladies today into this madness for money at all cost, without even putting their hands on a reasonable job or business? Sigh!

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