Nigeria Uni Commission To Spend More Money On Food Than On Books This 2019

The National Universities Commission has set aside N22,908,950 for refreshments and meals, as well as N16,769,000 to procure books this year.

These sums were obtained from the 2019 Budget Executive Proposal of the NUC, which also included N50,075,664 to maintain office buildings and residential quarters, as well as N18,400,000 to print non-security documents.

The budget proposal was presented by President Muhammadu Buhari before the National Assembly on December 19, and was obtained by our correspondent on Monday.

In the budget breakdown of the NUC, the commission planned to spend N48,796,130 on electricity and N5,055,764 on telephone charges.

The NUC budget reads, “22020302 – Books (N16,769,000), 22020305 – Printing of non-security documents (N18,400,000), Maintenance of office furniture (N5,537,885), Maintenance of office buildings and residential quarters (N50,075,664), Maintenance of plants and generators (N9,739,246), Motor vehicle fuel cost (N11,088,000), 22021001 – Refreshment and meals (N22,908,950).”

Your priorities will determine the results you produce. Sigh!

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