See Pretty Lady Who Lost Her Life While Saving Others (Photos)

Tuesday, January 15, will go down history books as another dark day in Kenya when 21 lives were lost during a deadly terror attack at the 14 Riverside complex.

Many of them having met their deaths untimely, it will take the country a pretty long time before coming to terms with their death.

However, the 21 died a heroic death in the face of terror, among them a bubbly young lady who worked as the dusitD2 Revenue director.

Bernadette Konjalo, a true definition of beauty with brains had her colourful career in the hospitality industry brought to a sudden end when terrorists shot right through her hands into her face.

"Words will never be enough, you were one resilient lady I ever knew," wrote one of her friends.

When everyone was running to safety amidst gunshots and confusion, Konjalo put the lives of her colleagues and guests first. The Gatanga Girls' High School alumni met her untimely death while directing her colleagues and guests to safety zones via designated exit zones.

Konjalo was not only a darling to her workmates and family, but also her former school mates who have seemingly been shocked by her sudden death. Having shown leadership skills from a tender age, Konjalo was assigned dinning hall prefect at Gatanga Girls' High School.

According to her former school mates, she was the most loved among the prefects and easy to go to person. The ever-smiling girl worked at Tribe Hotel for six years before moving to dusitD2 Hotel in March, 2014.

While at dusitD2, she rose up the ranks from the position of assistant front office manager to the director of revenue. May her soul RIP

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