Gov Ortom Laughs: I've Fulfilled My Promise To Retire Akume

Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, on Tuesday said he had fulfilled his promise to send his former boss, George Akume, into political retirement in the state via the 2019 elections.

Akume, the APC senatorial candidate for Benue North-West, lost to Orker Jev of the PDP.

Ortom spoke during a press conference held at the Government House, Makurdi. The governor boasted that everything he said politically concerning Akume had come to pass.

He said, “Tell me one thing I told you before that has never come to pass. Anything l tell you must come to pass because I don’t just say it. I speak from the inspiration of God. I told you that I would send Akume into retirement. You can now see it happening.

“People who play God should know that their end will be disastrous. I have read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and I know that anyone that compares himself to God can never survive.

“God is real. Psalm 24 said the earth and its fullness thereof belong to God. So, when people begin to play God, they are taking the position of God. Their end will be disastrous because you cannot share the glory of God.”

Governor Ortom said he was sure of victory in the forthcoming governorship election.

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