Woman Kills Snake Hiding Where Her Children Slept (Photos)

A bold Nigerian woman identified as Chisom Chiedozie, has thanked God for saving her family after she found and killed a snake hiding in her living room where her children were sleeping before she took them to bedroom.

She wrote; “And you tell me there’s no God abi?
Just few minutes ago I saw this snake inside our living room. God has a way of saving his children, he is God and not man, this mat was on the floor few hours ago, my kids were laying on it then, my kids slept I took them to the their room to sleep.

What if the snake penetrated and bite them without me knowing since they are asleep, what if the Generator was not on?

What if I didn’t see it and it crawls inside the bedroom and hide somewhere? My girl was even on the floor few minutes before we saw it, what would I have told her people? So many what ifs, I swear. Lately I enjoy sleeping on the mat cos of the hot weather. God saved me and my family."

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