Drama As Covenant University Expel Student Over Drugs

A Covenant University student, simply identified as Jubril was reportedly expelled recently from the school, as he was involved in breaking many rules which were against the school policy. As shared by Grandiose, below are some of the crimes he committed...

1. Came to class in Ankara: The school is known for putting on a fully corporate attire, but he decided to break the rule by wearing Ankara to class [maybe the drugs have entered his brain].

2. Wore an Iron Mask Into the Exam Hall: who does that?

3. Uses his phone in front of the porters: The school normally does not allow the use of phones (though tabs - IPAD, Samsung tabs and iPods are allowed) but Jubril took a bold step to use his phone in front of the porters of the school.

4. After expulsion, during an event, he still climbed on stage in the chapel to perform a dance, but was thrown out by the security personnel after he punched someone. He SHUT DOWN the event.

As he was being ejected from the student hall he waved his hands up in defiance and was cheered by boys who see him as fighting against the decent Covenant university system.

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