No matter how hard or smart or intelligent people work - if there are unseen challenges in their life, it's very difficult to achieve success. Even when they manage to make some money, few years later it's gone.

A young man could become a millionaire within a year, while many in their 30s, 40s and above are struggling to just feed their family; working from morning till night everyday. This is the reality of life.

Even if you have a great destiny, what you do not know can deny you your blessings, as a person may wander for the rest of their life, unless they encounter a Higher Grace, a Higher Anointing, a Higher Power from above.

This is why you need Breakthrough Prayers, to bring you out of the "challenges" holding you down and open your way; so you can enjoy Peace and Success consistently.

Pastor Olu Famous special prayers for Breakthroughs in Work & Business is open for everyone who desires a better and more comfortable life. It doesn't matter the Church you're attending, this is open to everyone.

No matter the issues making you to work hard without much to show for your efforts, the Power of God will settle you and your life will obviously become better

For Breakthrough Prayers you can contact Pastor Olu Famous from any state you are in Nigeria, or even if you are based abroad.

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